Sewer Group 3 – Contract B

Small Diameter Rehabilitation

Client: City of Atlanta | Department of Watershed Management

Project Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Project Description:

The purpose of the Sewer Group Three Rehabilitation Contract B is to upgrade the City’s existing small diameter sewers in the Long Island, Proctor Creek and Sandy Creek basins. Sewer Group Three Rehabilitation Contract B comprises the renewal and rehabilitation of selected portions of the sewer collection system of the City of Atlanta, Department of Watershed Management. This project will remedy observed defects, reduce inflow and infiltration entering the system. With the expanded scope, the work includes but is not limited to: CCTV/Cleaning 145,000LF, External Point Repairs 280 EA, Internal Point Repair 130 EA, Open Cut Replacement 2,500LF, Pipe-bursting 8,000LF, Cured-In-Place Pipe 46,000LF, Service Lateral Replacement 130 EA, Cleanouts 145 EA, Foam Treatment 12,000LF, Manhole Lining 2,700LF, Manhole Raising 220 EA.

Services Provided:

  • Construction Inspection
  • Construction Management