West Economy Parking Lot Water Relocation

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport West Economy Parking Lot Water Relocation

Client: City of Atlanta | Department of Aviation

Project Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Project Description:

The project involves the design, hydraulic calculation, and geotechnical investigation for the routing of a water and fire suppression loop around the perimeter of the existing 1,100 vehicle capacity West Economy Parking Lot at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The water loop will support the water services required for the proposed hotel development at the lot.

Based on hydraulic calculations conducted utilizing the water unit fixture demands of the proposed hotel complex, it was determined that a 12-inch water service line could furnish the capacity to provide both the water and fire suppression needs of the facility. The new water line will be wet-tapped into an existing 12-inch line that services the airport domestic terminal facility. The proposed line is approximately 1,900 linear feet of ductile iron pipe that originates at a connection point adjacent to North Terminal Parkway, follows the eastern right-of-way of North Terminal Drive around the existing West Economy Parking Lot, and ties into a point on the existing domestic terminal service line just south of the Airport Ground Transportation Center exit area near South Terminal Parkway.

Services Provided:

  • Construction Cost Estimate
  • Design Basis Report
  • Engineering Design